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Kitchen action

I'm ill. Fever and sore throat. Last evening I went to ILLS's gig despite of fever because I had waited for that gig so much. Today it was Kasviskekkerit (Free vegan food -event). Everythig went well but I was tired and pissed off at times because oh this ****ing fever :( Visitors were all pleased. Perhaps that the most important thing! And about feedback: how awesome it was to read that many people will turn into vegans/vegetarians or reduce eating animal products. Less animal produts, better to animals, environment and your health. My mum has sometimes said me that it's good I'm defending animals. I have explained that the way I live is much more than that. It's because of will to reduce torturing and as much because of greenhouse effect issue, my health and equality.

Be like me and go to gig while being ill but my condition didn't went worse because of that!

Me and my roommate got the coolest idea to make pancake and cashew cream and coconut cookies. Cashew cream's so delicious. 3 dl cashews, 3 dl fruit juice and some vanilla. Put cashews and juice into blender. After blending put some vanilla. Eat with pancake and berries.

Good recovery food <3

Swirly Whirly loves coconut cookies

On Thursday I had a very cool evening. Our friend to come our place to make a cake. It was good. Soy cream, chocolate pudding and banana. We also did some odd things: you can see it soon ;)

Here's the cake! So girly... ;)

Vegan fishing! Don't ask why we were doing this :D

Yesterday me and my roommate watched Velvet Goldmine. Lovely glam rock boys :P Ate chips with garlic dip mady by yofu. What have I been doing last weeks? No sports, just eating :D But it feels so good to eat with no worries :) Today I missed doing sports so much. Have to wait for recovering. Although being ill life feels quite good these days. Perhaps because of that I know I'll gain a battle concerning ED. And if I eat I can train squatting, bench and deadlift. When I ate in a very poor manner, I didn't practise those because of my own safety.



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Nov. 3rd, 2008 12:52 pm (UTC)
Velvet Goldmine on <3
Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:07 pm (UTC)
Jonathan Rhyr Myers <3 Jonathanista on joskus ehkä puhuttukin :D Oikeesti JRM vakuutti mut Bend it like Beckham -leffassa vuosia sitten. Aika kova juttu kun olin silloin niin vereen ja henkeen pitkätukkapoikien kannattaja :D Harmittaa, kun ei ole telkkaa, koska haluaisin kattoo nelosen Thudors-sarjaa, jossa JRM on. (Hmm, kirjoitinkohan sarjan nimen oikein...)
Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
Keksejä syövä poni! <3

Tultiin poikaystävän (sekasyöjä) kanssa Kasviskekkerien pihalle mutta jono oli niin pitkä, ettei jaksettu jäädä jonottamaan. Toisaalta miekkonen oli todennut ennen lähtöä, että "onhan tässä syöty kasvisherkkuja jo viis kuukautta". Hi hii. :D
Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:55 pm (UTC)
Poni on kuin tyttö, joka on ponin saanut vuosia sitten ;) Molemmat ollaan tässä keksejä syöty :D Swirly Whirly on niin paras poni että <3

Kävijöitä oli noin 400. Puol kaks loppus safkat.
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